sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2008

biografia ludwing

Ludwig Bayona farmer

Everything began a day of 1993 when I was born, my name is Ludwig Bayona alive farmer with my

Family also my two parents, my mother calls herself worthy Maria farmer and my father calls himself

Ludwig Bayona Gutierrez. I was born in Bucaramanga and I live in the neighborhood the rest. All my life you

It carries out when I was a boy he/she almost spent it with my cousins the whole time. And also

With all my family. Almost all my life the and lived with my parents septum a you go in my life that

I don't like it, because when my parents separated for almost an entire since year for questions

Family I play myself to live with my mother and my brother that he/she calls himself Wilmer Alexander Bayona

Farmer later had a time in that my parents wanted to return and so far and the day

We continue living together, my parents now are devoted to since god they are Christian, they attend the

Christian international mission, they have attended as for about two or three years, we are a great family

There are whiles that us malgeniados, and other we pass it happy good this way had almost been all my life

I live happy with my two parents and a great brother and a great father called god to who give him/her thank you to have created me the life, and to my two parents for that love me, they love me, and me

They appreciate and also to my brother, thank you and that is at the moment everything.

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